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"I have been studying yoga with Maurice for the past six months. I originally came to his classes to help with chronic sciatica pain which, through his teaching and advice, has completely disappeared. He conducts his classes not only with expert knowledge but with good humour and patience. The improvement is far reaching, not only do you feel the physical benefits but also the mental aspect, time for your mind to stop, just for a short time."
Mary James
"Every week I thoroughly look forward to my Iyengar Yoga class. After going to the Edinburgh Iyengar Yoga Centre for just over 2 years I found it hard to find a class in Glasgow that I enjoyed as much until Maurice set up Yoga Inspiration. Previous classes I had attended had been quite wishy-washy and slow. What I love about Maurice’s teaching is that the classes are varied, challenging and fun. The classes make me feel strong, calm, focussed, relaxed and give me a great feel-good factor. Maurice is very clear with his instruction and is understanding of all abilities . You can work to your own level be it complete beginner or more advanced. Because Iyengar Yoga is so precise I really have to concentrate and therefore switch off from the busy routine of family life. The class is a very welcome moment of calm in an often hectic week. A great source of motivation and inspiration!"
Catherine Williams
"Hi Maurice, thanks again for a great stretching workout. Not only am i feeling the benefits physically, but after ten years of emotional hell i feel that your class has been pealing away the depression i have been suffering. As a result of your calming relaxation and breathing techniques i feel better than i have for years. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou."
Charlie Neeson
"After only 5 classes, the lower back pain that I have been suffering from for the last year has all but gone - it feels almost miraculous! It is not only the physical aspect which seems to be working wonders, but the mental aspect also. I was also diagnosed with mild depression recently, but can also say that I have felt so much brighter and up beat over the last few weeks - Thank you Maurice!"
Tracy Cureton
"When I first attended the yoga class I was not sure what to expect. The class tutor Maurice, welcomed me and told me to watch and join in with what I could until I was more familiar with the 'yoga language'. I found it really stimulating and Maurice a great tutor. I was soon at home with 'head down dog' and a few more advanced postures. I have been going now for over 3 x years and I really enjoy the way Maurice pushes you to your own personal limit to perfect the pose. He is encouraging and never over demanding - which is great as some days you try harder than others! Maurice is a true professional and is also great at pin pointing any ache or pain that you encounter and I have often suggested he should be a doctor!! I have found that by attending my yoga class it has helped clear my mind of what is happening in my hectic life - a great way to escape for an hour or so! If you are thinking of yoga then join one of Maurice's truly inspirational classes. I did and I definitely noticed I have more energy and I am far fitter."
Lorraine Smith
"Maurice is an excellent Iyengar Yoga teacher. He is able to meet the needs of a wide range of students, providing support to new practitioners whilst being able to challenge those more experienced. He has intense attention to detail, and leads a calm class which moves through positions at an appropriate pace. The ethos in class is supportive, and as serious as Maurice is about the specifics of each position, there is a great amount of fun and laughter. This makes someone like me, who is a little body conscious, confident enough to attempt all the positions. As well as being fun, I find that practising with Maurice is a great way of unwinding in a busy life. Physical benefits, especially with my history of back pain, are quickly evident. The mental wellbeing benefits I find more subtle, but possibly deeper. Thanks Maurice, your Iyengar yoga classes have become a key strategy to enable me to maintain a healthy, happy life. "
Mairi Houstoun
March 2014
"I've been practising Iyengar Yoga with Maurice now for about two and a half years. I started yoga to see if it would help with recurring lower back pain. My back problems have now almost disappeared and on the rare occasion I do get some pain it gets better in a day or two instead of the weeks it used to take before I did yoga."
Jim Gillies
"Hi Maurice it's Steve here from last nights class! Just to say thanks! Woke up this morning with no back ache for the first time in weeks. See you next week."
November 2015


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